Art Spells

$50.00 - $70.00
  • Art Spells

These are intimate, loving created gifts to yourself. I sit down, tune into your energy and guides, and channel a painting around what you most need at the moment. The final pieces often support protection, tranquility, creative abundance, care, gentleness, courage, connection, and more.

Use them to cultivate a space where you can flourish as yourself.


Any commissions require a level of commitment or trust between the client and artist. You may note any colors or intentions when you purchase or leave it open to me. Either way, I will be making a piece as I feel inspired.

Can be commissioned on behalf of yourself or as a gift for another. Please note the name of the recipient if it’s intended as a gift.

Custom 7 x 7 inch paintings. Watercolor and neocolor crayon.

See my Instagram for further examples

Disclaimer: These paintings are meant to be enjoyed aesthetically and sensually. They can be used to support you in spiritual practice if you choose. They are not meant to take the place of common sense, medical care, or active intervention. I guarantee no results and offer no refunds.